This technology has shown amazing results in both humans

This non-invasive way to treat people is the obvious wave of the future!






Professionals Testimonials

I am now able to:

  • Increase the bottom line in my practice.

  • Increase my success with challenging cases.

  • Generate passive income. I purchased an additional PMT- PEMF 100 and placed it in a busy spa. I split the revenues with the spa owner.

  • Expand market appeal. People who’ve tried everything else now come to me.

  • Drive referrals.

  • Keep patients in-house vs. referring out.

  • Avoid or minimize pain medication.

  • Most importantly, I've improved my own health!
  • Once you try it, you believe.

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    PMT-PEMF 100 owners utilize the system a minimum of 6 times per day for patient care, on average. The national average rate is $40 per session. Over a one year period, this generates a minimum of $60,000 in net revenues.
  • “ As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I am constantly looking for innovative ways to improve patient care while maximizing profits. I have been using the PEMF for over a year now. Prior to this, I used a range of class II cold laser devices. Now, my “go to” modality is the new PEMF unit. With greater power, comes deeper and wider penetration, decreased treatment times and greater satisfaction. What used to take 30 minutes to accomplish with a cold laser, I can now accomplish in just a few minutes. Conditions such as failed back surgeries, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and osteoarthritis to name a few are treated in a fraction of the time. PEMF therapy is also VERY effective when used in conjunction with other modalities, like Active Release Techniques(ATR) and trigger point therapy. Using the PEMF unit has been one of the best decisions I have made in 25 years of practice.” Robert Meyer, DC Spinal Rehab and Sports Medicine.

  • “I was concerned about purchasing the PMT-100 for practice. So, I offered every patient one free session. To my surprise, my monthly payment was covered on the very first day as a result of several people purchasing package plans. Business has continued to increase. Now I can’t afford not to have the PMT-PEMF 100.” - R. Mize, MD

  • The PMT-PEMF 100 device is an innovative highly advanced electromagnetic field (PEMF) generator. It is one of the most clinically useful electromagnetic devices available. Because it can initiate muscle contractions, at higher intensities, it is likely to be most often used in professional environments or by other sophisticated users.

    PEMF Therapy can induce deep tissue penetration that isn’t readily feasible with other techniques. Also PEMF treatment results are seen after much shorter treatment courses and sessions. We have seen results in a single treatment session, which would have required multiple visits with other therapeutic techniques such as (Ultrasound, Electrical Stim, TENS, Heat, Acupuncture, Laser) etc. Acute soft tissue injuries and Chronic lesions respond fastest. Treatments can be easily applied through clothing, dressings, and casts. I have even been able to salvage near gangrenous limbs from amputation with these PEMF therapies. Beyond musculoskeletal uses, PEMF-100 therapies can be applied across a vast range of organ dysfunctions, given their basic physiologic, electrochemical actions. This is possible and feasible, again, because these magnetic fields pass un-attenuated through the entire volume of the body, inducing physiologic levels of therapeutic charge along their path. They generate reduction in soft tissue edema, improved circulation, pain reduction, immune enhancement/balancing, and enhanced tissue (including bone) regeneration.

    Treatments are practical locally, regionally and for the whole body, by selecting the appropriate applicator. Again, this is a major practical value in a busy practice setting with varied pathologies presenting. Technicians, under minimal licensed supervision, can be readily trained to conduct treatment programs. This device is an absolute MUST.

    William Pawluk, MD, MSc
    Family Physician, Clinical Electromagnetics expert
    Former faculty, Johns Hopkins and U of Maryland

  • “I have been in the natural health care field for 36 years as an herbalist. I use hypno-therapy, bio-feedback and other nurturing modalities. I notice that people not only receive pain-relief, but some look radically different after a session. I took a lady I recently worked on over to the mirror after a session and she said, "When I walked in here my face was probably projecting hopelessness. The pain I was suffering is essentially gone. We are looking at the face of hope”. I am thrilled to be able to offer this wonderful, quick-acting and shockingly effective tool, THE PMT-PEMF 100, to friends, family, clients and other health professionals." J. Silva, PhD

  • “A key to longevity is having a body that is able to respond quickly to inevitable injuries, weather large or small. One of the most significant areas of current biomedical research involves the inflammation hypothesis: the concept that virtually all diseases and disorders, including the so-called diseases of aging, arise because of focal chronic inflammation caused be injury or disease. Methods of resolving chronic inflammation have therefore become a subject of intense and careful investigation. Prolonged inflammatory processes involve the persistence of free radial damage. Free radicals can be neutralized by antioxidants. The ultimate antioxidant is not a molecule, but is the electron itself.

    Energy medicine involves the application of physical forces to the body: electricity, magnetism, light, sound, heat and pressure. All of these forces stimulate the movements of free electrons within tissues, and therefore represent primary techniques for resolving chronic inflammation and restoring the body to optimal physiological balance. Moreover, movements of free electrons can stimulate the electron transport chains in mitochondria, resulting in increased synthesis of ATP. This additional effect of electron movements provides immune cells with the energy needed to migrate to injury sites and to destroy pathogens and cellular debris.”
    James Oschman, PhD - ‘Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance’

  • “I’ve had a PMT-PEMF 100 in my clinic for ten months now. My staff and I call it the money maker. If I could only keep one modality and had to part with everything else, hands down I’d keep the ‘Money Maker’ over anything”. - S. Shuel, DC

  • I have been a practicing chiropractor for 28 years, and since bringing PEMF into my practice I have been able to treat conditions with much greater success and some that were previously untreatable. Patients have seen great results with the relief of symptoms from fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, colitis, migraines, chronic joint pain, neuropathy and many more. To say that the results are amazing would be an understatement.

    We once treated a patient with Bell's Palsy who could not close her eye and after just one 10 minute session, she was able to. She was so happy she kissed me and I almost cried. Another patient had only 15 degrees of wrist flexion following surgery and after one 15 minute treatment she had 35 degrees. Two weeks later she had a full 60 degrees. A young athlete had badly sprained her ankle and 6 months later had so much pain and swelling, she thought she would never get on the soccer field again. After a series of PEMF treatments, she has completely recovered and is back on the field.

    The fact that these are everyday occurrences sometimes makes us forget the incredible power of PEMF, but the thousands of patients whose lives have changed, keep reminding us. I can't imagine practicing without this machine and do not know how I ever managed without it.
    Larry W. Barnett D.C., C.C.S.P. 

  • I first learned about the PEMF machine a little over a year ago when a friend showed up at my clinic with one. In a matter of 12 minutes, he took my 28 year old, chronic right SI joint pain from a 7/10 down to 0! I was amazed, to say the least.

    Having the PEMF machine here in the clinic on a daily basis is, a dream come true. This afternoon I treated a failed laminectomy patient with a chiropractic adjustment and 10 minutes on the PEMF. She got off of the table and told me that she hadn’t felt this good in months! There really are not many problems that I can’t treat without full confidence that I will get the result I want.

    I do have one FUN problem with the PEMF machine, though. I have to fight my staff to get near the machine! They love using it so much that I rarely get to put anybody on it myself. I guess you could call that a problem – my clinic has increased Income helping people, and all I have to do is what I love to do the most, adjust. It’s a total win-win situation having this PEMF machine.
    Tony Klatt, D.C.

  • At our Hospital we cater to the needs of the elderly and disabled. Many of these individuals suffer from both serious and multiple health concerns. The PEMF unit has proven to be very safe and effective regardless of the patients’ medical issues. We have seen the treatments to be very helpful with pain management and very beneficial with improving mobility. Positive patient responses have been seen through multiple treatment sessions as the elderly respond more slowly. The PEMF is very easy to use and is non-invasive to our fragile patients.
    Dr. Anna Steel
    Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Dubai, UAE

  • I see hundreds of patients on a monthly basis, all with varying degrees of musculoskeletal injuries and trauma. I have our physiotherapists using the PEMF unit with many of our patients. We have experienced great and rapid improvement for those who suffer from chronic and acute pain. The benefits are obvious and the patient feedback is very positive. I highly recommend the PEMF unit, it’s an excellent form of treatment that is very effective in addressing pain and rapidly aids in the body’s healing process. Dr. Tabet Al-Sadek, MD
    Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon
    Dubai, UAE

  • "This is perhaps the most phenomenal device I have ever seen. Prior to competition it loosens up our athletes so they are able to compete better by increasing their range of motion and reducing their pain and stiffness.

    After competition, it assists in speeding up their recovery time so they are not stiff and sore. They bounce back refreshed and ready to go.

    For those that do suffer any type of pain and stiffness, this device is remarkable in how it rids our athletes of their pain and stiffness and prepares them to compete again.

    I highly recommend that this PEMF device be a part of every athletic program."

    Richard W. Quick
    6 Time Olympic Swim Coach
    Former Collegiate Swim Coach